June 19, 2017

Copernicus Family Day

The Copernicus families came together in May to celebrate our community and diversity with a “Cinco de Mayo” shindig that was a smash hit!   Families shared a variety of dishes that represented a bit of their family’s background.  Parents and kids also partook in a little crafting, creating works of art using images of family members to celebrate their family’s history.  Kids sang songs including “Los Pollitos” and sported hats they made from reclaimed materials, paint and colorful feathers.  They also played drums they crafted with Ms. Allison...

December 29, 2016

Copernicus Academy had an amazing 2016!  At the heart of such a wonderful year are the Copernicus kids.   Each student brings amazing opportunities of wonder, play and exploration.  Thanks so much to our Copernicus kids, to our great Copernicus families, and to our dedicated and loving teachers for a 2016 that will be remembered as a defining year for Copernicus Academy. Here are some highlights of our year!

AWARD WINNING DIRECTOR:  Copernicus Academy’s director, Rebeca Guerrero, was honored this year as Austin’s outstanding Early Childhood Educator w...

November 10, 2016

The Copernicus Family has grown to become a wonderful community!   The Copernicus Community came together on October 28th to celebrate the Copernicus Kids and a wonderful year of fun!  Moms and dads spent time with other parents and Copernicus teachers, while kids showed off their costumes and played under twinkle lights and clear skies.

Part of the festivities included an anti-coloring activity. Everyone was invited to participate! Parents and kids used “mind ticklers” installed on wall panels to incite imagination and create images that incorporated the rando...

September 29, 2016

The 2016 Copernicus Summer Olympics were a huge hit!  Copernicus Kids competed in a variety of physical challenges and partook in artistic activities related to the games. They learned about participating in a team effort and even talked about healthy eating habits and exercise.  Kids created flags from their representative countries of choice and talked about geography, cultures, and languages.  Copernicus Kids even created their very own tie-dyed team shirts and team flags!

Some of the Copernicus events included the 10 meter...

July 29, 2016

Copernicus Kids have had an amazing summer so far, especially after a very special Human History Month!  Kids recreated human history while participating in some pretty cool activities. The conversation started with early humans, the movement from our original home in Africa, the development of agriculture and societies, early human tools and technology, and early human art. Kids even participated in some exciting archaeological digs at Copernicus Academy!

Fast forward to modern time, kids discussed how humans collaborate with one anoth...

July 13, 2016

The Copernicus Academy campus has changed dramatically this summer!  On June 18th and June 25th, Copernicus Parents organized and participated in the big Playground Expansion Project (Two Phases). Parents joined forces to dig, mix, shovel, clean, measure and set, all towards a common goal.   A new perimeter privacy fence was installed and an additional 1,250 square feet was added to the playground!

Everyone braved the heat on June 18th while preparing the site and setting posts in Phase I. During Phase II, on June 25th, horizontal rails were installed...

April 17, 2016

Copernicus Kids have been busy exploring a couple of sources of renewable energy such as wind and sun, as well as experimenting with kinetic and potential energy.  Some of the activities last month included, building wind operated cars, experimenting with light by using plastic solar light bulbs and completing electrical circuits to give energy to an electrical bulb.  They also explored with pulleys, created wind mills, and even cooked using a solar oven!  Conversations about conservation were also a big part of our days including talking about which sources are re...

December 18, 2015

Kids becoming interested in science at a young age?  Yes!  Any activity can become an opportunity to engage a child in a science exercise that is fun and interesting.  December is chemistry month at Copernicus Academy and our kids have been experimenting with many science activities!


One of the activities included exploring the effects of vinegar on egg shells over the course of three days.  Kids and teachers talked about how the smelly liquid called vinegar is technically a low concentration of acetic acid which will cause a chemical reaction with the eg...

October 28, 2015

Matt Sandbank’s Shadow Factory performed at Copernicus Academy this past Sunday!  The show was truly amazing!  Matt Sandbank delighted the hearts of the audience as he showcased his outstanding talents in puppeteering with very funny short stories and skits.  Opening the show, were musical performances by multi-instrumentalist Allison DeSantis, and guitarist Eric Dillaman.  They were also wonderful!  Thanks to Matt, Allison and Eric for accepting our invitation to perform for our families and neighborhood in this free community performance!...

October 14, 2015

Copernicus Academy helped kids build their very first simple robot at the Mueller Farmers Market this weekend!  Kids enthusiastically talked about the basics of engineering and technology and then dove right into the challenge.  They provided the brain power and Copernicus Academy provided the raw materials.


Kids learned about what it means to complete an electrical circuit and about power charges while engineering their robot prototypes with the goal of creating a drawing machine. 


12,000 RPM motors, AA batteries and lots of wire, combined with...

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