August 21, 2015

Is there anything better than letting some awesome messes just happen?

One of the Copernicus Academy activities of the week had kids taking part in what they described as “crazy art”.  The activity involved a huge blank canvas on the floor, paint, and a few natural elements to include flowers, branches, and even bare feet.  Kids first deconstructed flowers, stems and sticks and threw them randomly all around the big canvas.  They were then encouraged to make the color combinations of their choice and drip, splatter, pour or spike paint on the canvas.  The adventurou...

August 14, 2015

The next time you are at the arts and crafts aisle selecting colors for your latest kid art project, how about also stopping by the produce area?  Better yet, when the spinach in the fridge is withered or the blueberries start to grow feathers, don’t toss in the trash!  Toss in a juicer or a pot of water and make beautiful and natural dye!


Take a break from our chemical exhausted “everything”, and create kid safe colors for use as water colors, dye for dying craft fabric, and even re-energizing old clothes.  It is a thrifty, non-toxic way to add to your i...

August 9, 2015

When going to a farmers market, you expect to find the freshest of ingredients from local vendors and possibly the work of a local artist or two.  Did you know that now you can also experience some weird science?  


The Copernicus Academy team helped kids explore carbon dioxide in the form of dry ice today.  Participants combined water and a bit of soap in an essay tube.  After the dry ice is dropped in, the release of the trapped gas begins, only to be trapped again inside soap bubbles.   Kids crush the bubbles, and a cold gas is released, visible as a faint c...

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