June 19, 2017

Copernicus Family Day

The Copernicus families came together in May to celebrate our community and diversity with a “Cinco de Mayo” shindig that was a smash hit!   Families shared a variety of dishes that represented a bit of their family’s background.  Parents and kids also partook in a little crafting, creating works of art using images of family members to celebrate their family’s history.  Kids sang songs including “Los Pollitos” and sported hats they made from reclaimed materials, paint and colorful feathers.  They also played drums they crafted with Ms. Allison...

April 17, 2016

Copernicus Kids have been busy exploring a couple of sources of renewable energy such as wind and sun, as well as experimenting with kinetic and potential energy.  Some of the activities last month included, building wind operated cars, experimenting with light by using plastic solar light bulbs and completing electrical circuits to give energy to an electrical bulb.  They also explored with pulleys, created wind mills, and even cooked using a solar oven!  Conversations about conservation were also a big part of our days including talking about which sources are re...

September 16, 2015

Introducing kids to physics can start as early as we begin to experiment with the concepts!  How about talking about energy transfer and kinetic energy while designing, constructing and experimenting with a homemade mousetrap car?!


Copernicus Academy brought a little bit of physics to the Mueller Farmers Market on Sunday with this very activity!  Kids built their own mousetrap cars and then raced them to their hearts’ delight towards oncoming pedestrians.  Other kids experienced the opportunity to troubleshoot their designs and asked questions about why some parts...

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