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Weird science at Mueller Farmers Market

When going to a farmers market, you expect to find the freshest of ingredients from local vendors and possibly the work of a local artist or two. Did you know that now you can also experience some weird science?

The Copernicus Academy team helped kids explore carbon dioxide in the form of dry ice today. Participants combined water and a bit of soap in an essay tube. After the dry ice is dropped in, the release of the trapped gas begins, only to be trapped again inside soap bubbles. Kids crush the bubbles, and a cold gas is released, visible as a faint cloud. The effect of adding dry ice (CO2 in solid form) to water, presents the children with the basics of how clouds are formed.

A second activity allowed kids to explore real chemistry, first hand. Kids add some cabbage juice to water. The color is purple. By adding CO2, the water immediately transforms colors to red. Why is this? The CO2 has just turned the water acidic. The cabbage juice is used as an "indicator" in this experiment. It indicates a change in chemistry. Awesome!

So, next time you want some fresh offerings at the Mueller Farmers Market, freshen up some brain cells, too. Come by the Copernicus Academy booth on September 13th. We are planning a pretty awesome activity.

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