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Scribble Robot!?

Copernicus Academy helped kids build their very first simple robot at the Mueller Farmers Market this weekend! Kids enthusiastically talked about the basics of engineering and technology and then dove right into the challenge. They provided the brain power and Copernicus Academy provided the raw materials.

Kids learned about what it means to complete an electrical circuit and about power charges while engineering their robot prototypes with the goal of creating a drawing machine.

12,000 RPM motors, AA batteries and lots of wire, combined with recycled plastic containers, tape, markers and crayons like never before. Some wacky and very successful drawing machines emerged!

During the challenge, kids selected the components they believed would make for a good robot. They then experimented with the positioning of the various elements and went through some rigorous troubleshooting with the motor counter weight.

After a few tries, kids made robots that spun, twirled, vibrated and even jumped! Some pretty funky art was also created along the way.

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