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Puppet and Music Show!

Matt Sandbank’s Shadow Factory performed at Copernicus Academy this past Sunday! The show was truly amazing! Matt Sandbank delighted the hearts of the audience as he showcased his outstanding talents in puppeteering with very funny short stories and skits. Opening the show, were musical performances by multi-instrumentalist Allison DeSantis, and guitarist Eric Dillaman. They were also wonderful! Thanks to Matt, Allison and Eric for accepting our invitation to perform for our families and neighborhood in this free community performance!!

Here is a tiny taste of what our guests enjoyed this weekend!

Matt Sandbank is a gifted story teller and artist . If you have school age kids, please check out Matt Sandbank’s website ( and recommend him to your school’s administration! Matt performs at schools and special events all around the country! What event do you think The Shadow Factory would be perfect for?

During the show, Matt graciously demonstrated how he makes shadow puppets come alive and showed the audience a sample. Kids were surely encouraged to make their own puppets using simple supplies found at home.

For the musical start to the show, multi-instrumentalist Allison DeSantis, music teacher and new addition to the Copernicus team, showed off some amazing skills on the flute and bass guitar. She even composed a song especially for Copernicus kids all about our solar system which she played on the piano! Visit her website ( Additionally, one of our Copernicus parents, Eric Dillaman, played a selection of festive and creepy songs on the guitar.

To top it off, the ToyBrary Austin was at Copernicus Sunday, too! Liza brought some cool toys to share. Don't forget to "like" them on FB. They are always offering great activities for kids!

In conclusion, this weekend's show kicked off what we hope is the first of many free community events at Copernicus Academy! This show was inspiring, fun and all around a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in the company of our families and neighbors!

Make sure you attend our next community event, so please “like” us on Facebook!

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