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Human History?... Hooray!

Copernicus Kids have had an amazing summer so far, especially after a very special Human History Month! Kids recreated human history while participating in some pretty cool activities. The conversation started with early humans, the movement from our original home in Africa, the development of agriculture and societies, early human tools and technology, and early human art. Kids even participated in some exciting archaeological digs at Copernicus Academy!

Fast forward to modern time, kids discussed how humans collaborate with one another and continue to develop in areas including the arts, technology, health and safety. To celebrate the final week of this special month, some very exciting guests visited our school, representing each of these important areas in our modern lives.

In the arts areas, Matt Sandbank graciously returned to our school with a very personal shadow puppet experience. Kids got an up close and personal lesson in puppeteer techniques and enjoyed an amazing, limited seating, show by Matt Sandbank! Sculptor and artist, Katy Woodbury, brought some examples of her work in clay, including wonderful clay wind instruments. Ms. Woodbury assisted kids with sculpting techniques and even fired kids' work in a kiln! In the technology area, Erik Dillaman visited Copernicus with his robot, Ollie, showcasing some pretty cool robotic moves and talked about how robots are not only fun, but how they improve our everyday lives!

The health sector guests were Dr. Regina Koshi, Cardiologist, and Suzy Campbell, Nurse Practitioner. Our health professionals talked about what they do to help their patients stay healthy and they demonstrated some of the ways they conduct examinations. By the way, they are pretty awesome examples of girl power!

Further, in the public safety sector, Texas State Trooper, Charlie Potter stopped by Copernicus and even showcased his patrol vehicle! Trooper Potter talked about kid safety and personal security, how he helps keep citizens safe and even discussed the merits of some of the most popular super heroes with the kids!

The final day of our Human History month was exponentially exciting for the Copernicus Kids... The Austin Fire Department visited our school and brought Fire Engine Number 14! Four of Austin's finest fire fighters talked about fire safety and were on hand for some very creative questions from the Copernicus Kids. A visit inside Engine 14 was a highlight of the month with a first hand look inside the machine! Kids even became honorary Fire Fighters!

Thanks to all of our guests for sharing their professions and time with the Copernicus Kids, making this past month unforgettable! Special shout out to our Parent Guests: Matt Sandbank, Erik Dillaman, Suzy Campbell and Charlie Potter!!!!

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