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Copernicus Summer Olympics!

The 2016 Copernicus Summer Olympics were a huge hit! Copernicus Kids competed in a variety of physical challenges and partook in artistic activities related to the games. They learned about participating in a team effort and even talked about healthy eating habits and exercise. Kids created flags from their representative countries of choice and talked about geography, cultures, and languages. Copernicus Kids even created their very own tie-dyed team shirts and team flags!

Some of the Copernicus events included the 10 meter race, tire balance race, balance beam, ball toss, and long jump. There was also an old school hop scotch tournament. Water events included the water transfer challenge and water balloon balancing race! Check out some of this year’s Olympic images below.

Further, the Copernicus Kids worked on creating the medals for the games and cheered for each other during the awards ceremony. The official athlete scoreboard is included in the images below! The opportunity to learn about teamwork, organized games and the chance to develop some awesome motor skills, made August a month to remember at Copernicus Academy!

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