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Copernicus Family Celebration!

The Copernicus Family has grown to become a wonderful community! The Copernicus Community came together on October 28th to celebrate the Copernicus Kids and a wonderful year of fun! Moms and dads spent time with other parents and Copernicus teachers, while kids showed off their costumes and played under twinkle lights and clear skies.

Part of the festivities included an anti-coloring activity. Everyone was invited to participate! Parents and kids used “mind ticklers” installed on wall panels to incite imagination and create images that incorporated the random items attached. Awesome collaboration resulted in some very colorful images to be enjoyed by all. In the Sun Room, everyone had a great time sharing treats and snacks with new and old friends.

The best part of the event was the performance by the Copernicus Kids! A guitar and song number by parent, Erik Dillaman, with his guest Arielle Levin, was the opening act. After a little dancing, it was time for the Copernicus Kids to perform! The Earth kids performed Diez Elefantes while sporting some very groovy elephant hats, which they helped make. The Sun kids sang Tres Pecesitos with Ms. Beni, and The Froggie Yoga Song with Ms. Allison. Finally, all the Copernicus Kids danced and sang the Freeze Song to wrap up the show.

A very warm thanks to all our Copernicus Families for attending, for sharing treats, smiles and great vibes! Thanks for being part of our community and we look forward to many years of Copernicus Kids celebrations!

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