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Copernicus STEM Academy provides quality child care for children 18 months to 5 years in a campus that is uniquely Austin. Our mission is to engage children from a young age in creative and engaging activities, in a dual-language environment (English/Spanish), to promote development, and give children the opportunity to become successful innovators and avid learners.

Children will foster their creativity and personal expression through play.  Our curriculum features STEM-based activities that are differentiated for each developmental age. Children are encouraged and challenged to foster self-confidence and overall educational growth.

Copernicus STEM Academy offers a variety of Enrollment Options.  Families with children 18 months to 5 years can select from full-time enrollment (5 days per week) to part-time schedules (2 or 3 days).  Please contact us via the "Contacts Tab" to inquire about availability! 

Copernicus STEM Academy... Early child curriculum developing inquisitive and talented minds.


Early Childhood Curriculum

         in a dual language environment!

Copernicus Kids News!

Congratulations to our 2022 Graduates!


Thanks for letting us be part of your lives!  We wish you the very best on your new adventures! Love, Copernicus Academy

Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonial: 

Our family loves Copernicus Academy, and are so grateful to be a part of this community.  The teachers are nurturing and professional, and most importantly, my daughter loves them.  Miss Rebeca and Miss Myrella communicate wonderfully, and always listen and respond to concerns that arise.  


I am utterly amazed at times with the activities and projects these little ones do.  Creativity and art are woven into the STEM curriculum beautifully.  There is also a lot of outdoor time, which is important to us.  I feel my daughter is getting balanced and diverse experience in an incredibly caring environment. She is thriving, and Copernicus is a huge part of this.  


My daughter is on a restricted diet for sensitivities (dairy and gluten), and the Copernicus team has been very supportive of her dietary needs. They do a seamless job giving my daughter her 'special cookies' when others are eating cupcakes or other foods for special occasions (birthdays are big celebrations).  


This team and facilities are top notch. I did a lot of shopping around to find the right day care for our daughter when we needed to leave our previous day care.  This is a wonderful program!

A few things my daughter loves about Copernicus: Her classmates and teachers, the huge sand pit, music/singing, and art projects

Lane H., Copernicus Mom

Parent Testimonial: 

Copernicus Academy is a blessing in my child’s life. My 19 month old loves it there. Not only are they nurturing, caring, and attentive, but they also somehow find time to incorporate learning that is beyond my imagination.


While other daycares just watch your kid (okay, play with whatever, let’s sing a song, don’t get hurt) the staff at Copernicus manages to introduce toddlers to a whole world full of wonder and imagination. My son loves planets, music, and colors. Rather than play with an electric toy, he’d rather play with wheels and boxes and see how things work.


They cater to this attitude. My child has excelled and I wish that every child had the opportunity that my child is being given at Copernicus. The staff is made up of people who have serious goals and passions in the fields of history, science, culture, education, and children. The administrators have created the best possible learning environment for our children.


Even though it’s unlikely, I only hope my son will always be able have the same level of love and attention he gets here. The price is right. The staff is better than any staff at any daycare in the area and the children appear to be very well behaved. The parents are also very pleasant.


If you are looking for a modern, loving, and scientific approach to your toddler’s learning I strongly encourage you to embark on this journey. You will not regret it. AT LEAST have a meet and greet or take a tour.


Milannie Cintron, Copernicus Mom

Parent Testimonial: 

My 18 month old son has been attending Copernicus for a few weeks. I had been searching for someplace that my husband and l could trust to care for our toddler, and a place that our son would feel nurtured and loved.


He loves it! My husband and l love it, too! We love that he is in a friendly and nurturing environment. It is also very reassuring to get pictures of our son participating in the activities fromTadpoles throughout the day! 

Mr. and Mrs. French, Copernicus Parents

Parent Testimonial: 

We were simply looking for a safe and flexible daycare option for our child when we moved to Austin, but we've gotten so much more from Copernicus Academy. I honestly cannot believe we were so lucky. The head teacher of the school creates inventive and exciting STEM lesson plans for the children that attend Copernicus. Our 20 month old daughter is working on something new every week. One week she's digging for fossils, another week she is making a catapult. The focus on science doesn't come at the exclusion of art.


Our daughter is frequently engaged in artistic activities at Copernicus - not cookie-cutter preschool art, but real, free-form, process art. How do I know? They send me picture updates throughout the day. All of this is provided in a dual-language (Spanish and English) environment, by an incredibly caring and gentle staff. They work very hard to encourage and participate in community. 

The result? My daughter plays more independently. She explores more readily. She refers to things like "shoes" and "water" in Spanish. Best of all, she has started asking to go to daycare in the mornings. Five stars and two enthusiastic thumbs up for Copernicus


Micheal P., Copernicus Mom

Parent Testimonial: 

My daughter is almost 3 years old now and you can imagine a parent's apprehension in leaving their child at daycare for the first time. 

The staff at Copernicus treated her like family, made her feel at home and at the end of the day, she didn't want to leave. Oh, and thank you for putting this mother at ease by sending me updates and photos throughout her first day. 

In addition to making her feel comfortable and tending to her needs, they have her participates in fun and educational activities daily. It's exciting to have her arrive home ready to show me what she has created at Copernicus. 

I'm looking forward to watching my daughter grow and blossom in this environment. 

Thank you Copernicus! 
The Martin Family

Parent Testimonial: 

This is the school of my dreams!!!! I am very hard to please when my kids aren't involved. Even more so when something has to do with my baby. My son (2 years) has been going here for one month and I have already seen a BIG change in him. He is learning so much more than the last school we were at (Goddard up North). We were happy with their curriculum and program but Copernicus blows them away in comparison. They are so intentional with their activities and their lower ratios are doing wonders for my son.


Children learn through play, right? But rather than just letting kids play together, Copernicus puts together play-based work for your little one to actually progress in their development. For example, they are learning about space and early earth right now. Rather than a rushed activity like painting a picture of the sun to send home. They made paper Mache' planets, sun, and moon throughout the week. Learned about each of them, their differences and took their time to teach them about the planets. Now my son won't stop talking about the moon and sun. HOW COOL IS THAT!


On top of that, they update you with pictures and videos throughout the day. They take an individual approach to each kid and family. It took my son less than a week to adjust because everyone was so kind, and committed to his smooth transition. They were not rushed during drop off or pick up, they took time to make him feel welcome and still do every day. They are flexible and you can tell everyone who is there, enjoys being there with the children. These are our babies, their development is so important, part of that development includes feeling safe and loved. Copernicus clicks all the boxes for me and my son can't wait to go every day. 100% recommend.

Kara S., Copernicus Mom

Parent Testimonial: 

It was difficult for me to go back to work after stay home with my daughter for her first 18 months. My husband and I were extremely anxious about putting her in care for the first time but our experience with Copernicus over the last few months has relieved any anxieties that we had.


Copernicus is truly a school. Staffed by amazing educators and loving caregivers. Our daughter is excited to go to school everyday and runs to play upon arrival. The teachers are always responsive to both child and parents and will take the time to talk and update you without prompt. We feel so lucky to be a part of the Copernicus family.

Jess D., Copernicus Mom

Parent Testimonial: 

Don't know where to begin... This school is amazing. Our son has been going here for 7 months and we couldn't be any happier. Copernicus is the first school experience our son has ever had. He was very shy and quiet. Each one of the teachers took him under their wing. He's greeted daily with hugs and love. If you're looking for a school where your child will be loved , taught by amazing educators Copernicus STEM Academy is the only school I'd ever recommend.

Kia P., Copernicus Mom

Parent Testimonial: 

My son has attended Copernicus for the past ten months, and it has been a fantastic experience thus far. I enjoy how they mix play with actual lessons about whatever the topic of the week/month is. This past week, for instance, was about careers and they had a state trooper, a cardiologist, a robotics engineer, a shadow puppeteer and a fire engine come out!


They send me pictures through my email throughout the day so that I'm able to feel as though I'm part of the fun, even though I'm stuck in my cubicle :) This past weekend, I attended a work day on Saturday which was coordinated by one of the Copernicus parents during which we enlarged the backyard / playground area of the school by a large amount. It was great to connect with the other parents and feel like a valued member of a larger community.


My son has one more year until Kindergarten, but we'll enjoy every moment until then. Copernicus gets my full recommendation-- check them out..


Erik Dillaman, Copernicus Dad

Parent Testimonial: 

We take our child here and it's embarrassing to say he excitedly jumps up and down the minute he wakes up in the morning yelling 'school, school!'

They spend 50% of their time outside which was extremely important to me as we have a high energy toddler. 

It's not a Montessori school, but the kid's ages are mixed and there's no tech toys, a focus on creative play, with positive reinforcement.  It is very in line with what drew me to Montessori teaching styles.  

I also love the themed weeks.  Last week was safari.  My guy loved it.  He wore out his toilet paper binoculars ;) We got into it so much we decided to dress him in some safari shorts.  It's just fun to know they're teaching and we can play along. They're focused on STEM learning which is great bc they learn biology and science and about the earth and the surroundings.  And the arts and crafts are anything but normal kiddie art and craft projects.   It's a combo of learning, exploring, creating and socializing at the same time.  What more can you ask for? 

It's a growing little school (which was a plus for me as well) and the teachers are sweet and will talk to you about your kid- good or bad and work to improve the behavior.  

I also love that we bring our own lunch and snacks.  I know what's going in my kiddos belly ;)

And they are dual language.  What else more do you want for your kid? I'd keep him home but he'd be bored....


Kristen H., Copernicus Mom

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