Our Philosophy

Copernicus STEM Academy's philosophy relies on the incorporation of a scientific approach to learning while the child is playing. We are confident that such an approach will allow the children in our care to equally develop multiple intelligences. The incorporation of STEM practices according to the research of Lucia French, Rochel Gelman, and Kimberly Brenneman suggests that students may develop higher cognitive skills when they are exposed to a scientific discourse as early as 2 years old. 

The Copernicus framework is a holistic approach, based on the research of several experts in the area of early childhood education, that allows students to explore the world around them and incites their creativity while maintaining their natural inclination to play. Teachers will promote themed activities but it is the children’s inquisitive nature, the conversations and interactions they have with the teacher and amongst themselves, that will drive and promote learning. 


Language is a basic skill that develops at a young age, and research on language acquisition shows that the incorporation of second languages is easier at an early age in life. At Copernicus, we believe that exposing our youth to two different languages continuously (English/Spanish) while interacting with other children at similar developmental ages will promote the proper development of their mother language as well as the acquisition of a second language.


Nicolaus Copernicus

Thinking outside the box:

Director - Founder

Rebeca Guerrero is the recipient of the 2016 Zezula Family Excellence in Early Childhood Teaching Award from the University of Texas!  Rebeca

is a career educator with over fourteen years of experience in the classroom as a Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Environmental Sciences Teacher.  She spearheads our STEM focused curriculum and brings exceptional insights in early childhood education and trends.


Ms. Rebeca has a Masters Degree with a focus on STEM Education and a Bachelors Degree in Microbiology from the University of Texas.

Administrator - Founder

Myrella Delgado brings fourteen years of experience in business management and administration.  In addition to managing the daily operations and assisting our families, Ms. Delgado contributes her artistic talents to our school and collaborates on creative activities.

Myrella  Delgado has a Bachelor's Degree in Business with a focus on Ethics and Management.  





Meet the Copernicus Team


The Copernicus STEM, Language and Arts Academy Team is comprised of career educators ready to provide your child with the highest quality educational activities paired with premier child care.



Pic - Jenea.jpeg




Jenae has a Bachelor’s of Science and Interdisciplinary Studies Degree from Texas Woman's University and has extensive experience in the classroom after four successful years as a STEM and Science Discovery Teacher working with kids ages PreK to fifth grade.  Ms. Jenae was a co-host of the Community STEM night and also created a robotics club for girls in the Dallas area.  Jenae is a certified climbing instructor and enjoys hosting climbing and bouldering events. 

Ms. Goode relocated to Austin and looks forward to continuing her work with children at Copernicus Academy.



"I am originally from Chicago and I am excited to work with children of all ages.  I have years of experience working with children, including camps, and after school programs."

Ms. Melissa is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English



Assistant Teacher 

Ivette is originally from Puerto Rico where she worked in  the medical field focused on gerontology.  Ivette is a mother of two grown children and is a loving caregiver.

Ms. Ivette received her medical training at Unitec in Camuy, Puerto Rico and is a native Spanish speaker

Ivette Gonzalez




Gabriella has been a teacher for a number of years working previously at Extend-A-Care, which allowed her to work with children from a variety of programs including KIPP and a number of AISD Elementary Schools.  Ms. Gaby has extensive experience working with toddlers and enjoys engaging with children in the Spanish language.  Ms. Gaby’s warm and vibrant vibe is a a hit at Copernicus!







Ms. Glenda is a career caregiver. She practiced as a nurse in Puerto Rico for many years before relocating to the Central Texas area.


Ms. Glenda is a mom and grandmother and is very warm and welcoming.  Ms. Glenda is also a native Spanish speaker!  We are enthusiastic about her Glenda's participation on our team and leading one of the classrooms with the youngest kiddos.




Assistant Teacher 

Annie recently relocated from McAllen, Texas, and one of the main reasons was to join our fabulous team!  Annie has worked with young children for over three years and really enjoys crafting artistic experiences for kids. 


As an accomplished artist, she brings her creative abilities to our school!  Annie is a native Spanish speaker and enjoys engaging with the PreK kids en Espanol!

Pic Marisol -1.jpeg

Assistant Teacher

Marisol is a student at the University of Texas majoring in Psychology and minoring in Art and Mexican American studies.  Marisol was previously employed at the UT Child Development Center working with all ages as an Assistant Teacher.  Additionally, for over two years Marisol was the Student Supervisor at the UT Foundry, teaching students and patrons how to use 3D technology and collaborating as a designer. When Ms. Marisol is not studying or working, she is enjoying her hobbies in art, baking and jewelry making.  Ms. Marisol plans to graduate next year.



Dulce Pic.jpg


Ms. Dulce is a warm and loving caregiver and has extensive experience working with young children.  Ms. Dulce plans to continue her training in the early childhood areas and is committed to making our kid's days fun and exciting.  Ms. Dulce is bilingual and enjoys engaging with the youngest of our kiddos in the Spanish language. 



Pic - Dena.jpg

Assistant Teacher 

Dena is a student at the University of Texas working on her Bachelor’s degree in international relations and global studies, and she is minoring in government and journalism. 


Dena is not only a dedicated student, she is also a community volunteer and advocate.  Dena assists refugee students by providing them with bilingual instruction at Wooldridge Elementary in English/Farsi and Pashto.  Dena has worked as a camp counselor supervising children during camp activities.