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1 - Bilingual Teacher/Caregiver:  (Full Time and Part Time)

Summary of the Job: Teacher reports to school director, with the primary responsibility for planning, organizing, and carrying out activities in line with STEAM framework in a two-way dual language model.


Description of duties:

Skills in working with children:

  • Creates a warm, nurturing, safe and loving environment acknowledging that each child is a sensitive, thinking individual.

  • Promotes an environment where child's discovery and exploration skills are enhanced, independence is encouraged and the individuality of each child is respected.

  • Plans both long- and short- range activities in accordance with curriculum objectives, developmentally appropriate practice and program philosophy.

  • Meets the emotional, social, physical and cognitive needs of each child under her care.

  • Arranges a classroom environment in accordance with program goals and philosophy

  • Must be capable of lifting up to 50 lbs., work outdoors and indoors for extended periods of time, and be agile enough to perform the job as a teacher of young children

  • Engages with children during meal and snack time


Aspects of Program Development

  • Develops leadership roles by encouraging assistants to contribute to curriculum planning, as well as supervises assistants, aides and volunteers in the classroom.

  • Prepares monthly, weekly, and daily plan charts

  • Completes bi-annual assessment of children's development

  • Reports progress of children to parents in bi-annual reports and through parent-teacher conferences.

  • Maintains daily open communication with parents.

  • Prepares accident reports.

  • Maintains anecdotal records.

  • Maintains confidentiality.

  • Reports any suspect abuse to supervisor.

  • Maintains a safe and healthy environment.

  • Inspects and replaces damaged or lost materials.

  • Responsible for equipment sanitation.

  • Attends in-service and staff meetings.

  • Follows closing or opening procedures according to schedules.

  • Keeps all appropriate records such as attendance, daily and weekly activity charts and time sheets.



Education:  B.A in Early childhood or similar field;  OR Associates degree with relevant experience; OR Early Childhood / Child Development / Education Majors in their Senior Year should consider applying.  Must be at least 60% fluent in a second language (English / Spanish).  Bilingual certification preferred but not required.

Experience: Preferred experience of at least two years in group care of children six years and under.  Other experience shall be considered on a case by case basis.   If not CPR/First Aid certified must be willing to attend Red Cross certification program and complete all its components within 15 days of employment.


2 - Teacher's Assistant and Caregiver: (Full Time and Part Time)

Assists Teacher/Caregiver in controlling the classroom environment.  Helps teacher prepare daily lessons, assists with child personal care, feeding and supervision.  Willing to learn and participate in all aspects of the daily curriculum.  Fluency in second language not required but preferred.  Candidates currently enrolled in an early childhood degree plan or related field are encouraged to apply.  Genuine interest in STEAM Education is highly desired.


3 - Subtitutes for Bilingual Teacher/Caregiver and Teacher's Assistants:

We are actively looking for personnel interested in participating in our substitute program.  All substitutes shall have similar qualifications as those of the Assistant Teachers, or higher.



Required by application deadline

  • Formal letter of interest addressing qualifications required for this position.

  • College transcript and other certification credentials (if requested)

  • Job references are required including current phone numbers, address, and email contact.


 If hired:

  • Shall be required to pass a background check and fingerprint

  • All school personnel must meet basic health requirements according to the state of Texas.

  • First Aid / CPR training (not required for substitutes)

  • All school personnel are on probationary status during the first ninety (90) days of employment.

  • Complete all required forms.

  • All personnel will have a criminal investigation.

  • Must be able to handle academic equipment including but not limited to basic chemicals, scientific, technological, and engineering type of instruments.  

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