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Giving Thanks for an Amazing 2016!

Kids use scientific method

Copernicus Academy had an amazing 2016! At the heart of such a wonderful year are the Copernicus kids. Each student brings amazing opportunities of wonder, play and exploration. Thanks so much to our Copernicus kids, to our great Copernicus families, and to our dedicated and loving teachers for a 2016 that will be remembered as a defining year for Copernicus Academy. Here are some highlights of our year!

Rebeca receives Teaching Award!

AWARD WINNING DIRECTOR: Copernicus Academy’s director, Rebeca Guerrero, was honored this year as Austin’s outstanding Early Childhood Educator when she received the 2016 Zezula Family Excellence in Early Childhood Education Award from the University of Texas. What a tremendous honor for Rebeca and for Copernicus! Rebeca was honored for her work in bringing STEM education and experiences to kids from 18 months to 5 years of age and for providing a platform where dual language education thrives. We are thankful for such an accomplished and passionate director! Congratulations Rebeca!

LEARNING TOGETHER AND MAKING NEW FRIENDS: During 2016, the Copernicus kids learned about the universe and our home planet. They learned about the animals and plants that share our home, and participated in exciting adventures recreating our human history. The kids also explored different forms of energy, chemistry and physics. They played with structures they made, participated in adventures in robotics and created a variety of artistic projects. Copernicus kids took part in the first Copernicus Olympics, and we all celebrated together during the family celebration in October. We are thankful for being able to give kids experiences that will develop their creativity and problem solving skills and possibly light the spark for future careers in STEM related fields.

Collaborative piece by kids!

Further, the emergent vocabulary is palpable as our kiddos are able to understand and even communicate in both English and Spanish. We also have been working diligently to build a strong socio-emotional foundation for them. We are thankful about being able to give kids and families the chance to forge new friendships that may enrich many lives for years to come.

Loving Teacher Ms. Heather


2016 was also the year we welcomed new teachers. Ms. Allison (Lead STEM and English) was joined by Ms. Beni (Lead Spanish and Art) in the Sun Room. Ms. Areli (Masters Degree in Psychology) joined us as the Lead Teacher for our youngest kiddos in the Earth Room. We also welcomed our Assistant Teachers, Ms. Heather, Ms. Andrea and Ms. Nesha. These educators and caregivers are what make our school a success on a daily basis. We are thankful for our amazing teachers and for their efforts in making a wondrous experience for the kids.

COPERNICUS FAMILIES UNITE: Copernicus families are helping to create the most wonderful school! This year they came together to expand the playground and helped lay down new ground cover. They joined forces during our October party and shared wonderful treats and great vibes.

Parents lend a hand

Families also made our teachers feel loved and appreciated during the holiday season. We are thankful for our families who care so much about our school, and are indebted to them for creating such a wonderful community around Copernicus.

COMMUNITY COLLABORATION: Members of the greater Austin community brought much excitement to the Copernicus campus during our human history month and in September. Guests included parents: Matt Sandbank (Puppeteer and Story Teller), Suzy Campbell (Nurse Practitioner), Erik Dillaman (robotics presentation), and Charlie Potter (State Trooper). We also welcomed sculptor Katy Woodbury and cardiologist Dr. Regina Koshi. To close out this fabulous month, the Fire fighters from the Austin Fire Department visited the school and brought Engine 14! In September, Author and Architect, Beth Guillot, came by and gave a private reading of her book Elizabeth the Dreamer and shared an activity with the kids! We are thankful for being part of a thriving community in East Austin.

Thanks for a fabulous year and happy 2017 to all our families and to our fellow Austinites!

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